Socks for all seasons of the year

It would be nasty of us if we said shame on you for not taking good care of your feet. Because, in most cases, many of you reading this are already doing the best you can. You have chosen the right footwear to take care of your feet, ankles and knees’ orthopedic health. Instead of preoccupying yourselves too consciously with fashions, you have taken a more laid-back attitude. This means that instead of those high heeled boots and smart cowboy boots, you have opted for more practical, lightweight walking shoes and not too heavy but really quite sturdy and versatile hiking boots.

You even took some consideration over the choice of socks to wear, but most of the time, you were still matching these with the shoes you were wearing. Yes, you chose cool cotton socks to go with your walking shoes and sneakers, and you ordered a few pairs of hiking socks to match those hiking boots of yours. But in the interim, your feet remained unhealthy. Bacteria still had a way of creeping in to sweaty and smelly feet.

And circulatory problems crept in when your feet got rather chilly cold, even with those hiking socks on. It is not your fault that you did not know this before, but now, you do. Now you know that you can purchase and wear all weather socks with any healthy shoe you choose to wear and at any time of the year to boot. You can wear these socks in the winter time and in the summer time. This is because a unique environmental sock system has been woven in.

While the sock has the ability to keep your feet warm up to minus forty degrees, a liner sock is installed to keep your feet cool, dry and blister free.